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y2k batch



Abhiram G.
Sanskrit College Road,
Tripunithara, PIN - 682301
Phone : 776696
Currently doing Mechanical Engineering at IIT, Madras (Jamuna Hostel)
Abraham Samuel Babu (Aby)
Water Front Enclave,
Chillavanoor Road,
Elamkulam,  Cochin - 20
Phone : 312940

Aju Joseph John
aikara madom,
koithra road,
Phone : 319752


Aju Luke Francis
Kochuthresia Bhavan,
Vikas Nagar,
Chilavannoor, Cochin -20

Phone: 319279
Bday: 18th October

Currently doing Computer Engineering at AMS COLLEGE ,ERODE, TAMILNADU 
Amy Anna George

B.Tech  Department: Mechanical & management 
BIT, Bangalore

Anil Raj Menon
6-D Chandra Towers
Vytilla, Cochin-19

Phone: 307310

Tell all my friends to keep in touch with me and best of luck in life!
Anurita Argal
E-94, Income Tax Colony,
Panampilly Nagar,
Cochin - 36
Phone: 315942

Arun George Valakuzhy
Phone: (0484)362809
Bday : 13th November

Arun Krishnan Thampi
'Sarada Mandiram'
Manikkiri M.G. Cross Road,
Cochin - 16
Phone : 363790
Bday : 10th May (Taurus)

Singapore Airlines Scholar currently studying at the National University of Singapore.
Balakrishnan A
Thotungatara Lane,
Kadavanthara, Cochin - 20
Kerala India, Asia , Northern Hemisphere, 
Earth, Solar System, 
Milky Way, This Universe!

Phone : 318675, 311232
Bday: 1st June

For the past 12 years I have studied in this school. I like the Principal very much and the rest of the teachers. Since the school is so homely I feel my house to be My SECOND home. For every success and blah blah blah I attribute it to the school.  I LUV U ALL!!!!  :-)
Bejoy R Raj
'Krishna', 28/1113
Indira Nagar, Kadavanthara
Cochin - 20
Phone : 311750


Daisy Clare Jose

 B.Sc Maths
College: Sacred Hearts,Thevara

Dhanya .P.
Department: B.Com
College: St.Teresas College
Dilip Antony Joseph
37/1832, 'Paimpillil' House
Elamkulam Road,
Cochin-17, Kerala,India
Phone : 319035

Bday : 25th Feb (Pisces)

I joined BVMG in the III after returning from Kuwait.  The past one decade is full of memories that will last a lifetime.  But XI & XII were the most enjoyable.  As convenor of Magnum Opus 98 and the School captain in the XII, I had a great time in this wonderful school. BVMG was always a great influence  in my life and will remain so.  This space only permits me to say:
"Those Days were the Best Days of My Life!"

(Step up your speaker volume and listen..:-)

Currently doing Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras...
Keep the good times rolling!!! ALL THE BEST!!!!

Divya K. P.
245, 14th Cross Road, 
South Girinagar
Kochi - 20
Phone: 317007

Bday : 29th Nov

Singapore Airlines Scholar currently studying at the National University of Singapore.
Giju Abraham

Department: BIT
College: Vidyabharathi Institute of Management and tech., Kalamassery

Javadev S
'Janus', Indira Nagar,
Cochin - 20
John Philip Kaduthodil
Kaduthodil house,
Kerala,  India. 
Phone: (0481) 570173

Bday : 17th November

Interest and Hobbies     :  painting, reading.

My Experience in school:

   If I where to describe my experience in this school then there is no word limit. Any way my experienced in this wonderful school is inexplicable. I really enjoyed my two year academic year in bhavens girinagar. All I have to say is that it is the best school I have ever been to.


Krishna G Pai
22/2862, Cheruparambath Road
Kochi - 20
Phone : 314019
Krishna Prasad
LIG 833 & 834
5th Block, Panampilly Nagar,
Cochin - 36
Phone : 312121

Krishnaraj C K
H.B. 129
Panampilly Nagar, Cochin - 36
Phone: 311126

Bday : 10th June

Mary Mathew V.
46/1-B, Vattavayalil
Jesus Road, Vaduthala
Cochin - 682023
Phone: 396330,395550

Bday : 28th August(Virgo)

Bhavan's Girinagar evokes in me  a host of wonderful memories of  the past 12 years.  The school and everybody associated with it has made me what I am today and what I will be.  The best part of one's school years are the numerous friends one gets to meet.  Now as an old student, the exciting part lies in keeping in touch and in remaining a close knit family.  Please do keep in touch and keep afresh wonderful memories! 
Mukund Sankunny
"BRINDAVAN",Kalathiparambil road,
Beat no:8 ,Kochi-682016.

Bday : 28th May

I joined this school in class XI and believe me that the 
two years I spent were one of the best days of my life.I made a lot 
of friends and to say anyone's name in particulr is difficult as all 
are close to my heart.And to my TEACHERS I owe everything.I love and 
miss you all......
please keeep in touch.....
Praveen G.
'Archana', 28/1471,
Kadavanthara, Cochin - 20
Phone: 311766
Praveen S.
28/1948, Lakshmi Prabha
Pandarachira Road,
Kadavanthara, Kochi - 20
Phone: 322242
Riya Sonny
Plot 445, Panampilly Nagar
Cochin - 36
Phone: 315657
Bday : 5th September (Virgo)

Currently doing BCA at WCC, Chennai
Sandeep Mohandas
22,R.B.I Qrts, Lisie Jn.,
Phone : 400649

Its great when all you were so close to, make you feel wanted. Whenever anyone comes across this name, you recognise it or not, feel its your brother bhavanite trying to make his mark...!!!
Sebastian Zacharias
41/2981, Janatha road 
Palarivattam, Cochin-682025
Kerala, India
Phone :344176 
Bday : 15/09/1982
Sreisha George
Kadavanthara, Ponneth Junction


Srikanth S Poduval
G-49, Panampilly Nagar
Cochin - 36
Phone : 316448, 319040
Bday : 26th June

Srinath Krishnan
39/18 Chitoor Road,
Opposite Krishna Nursing Home,
Kochi ,Kerala - 682011 
Phone : 381591
Bday : 10 - 01 - 1983

Vinu P Alencheril
B-4, V B Residency,
Shastha Temple Road,
Kaloor, Cochin - 18
Phone : 402456
Bday : 4th January


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