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newPhotograph of PEACE 99!!!

20 Students and 3 teachers have returned to Kochi on July 24 after spending more than 2 weeks in England!!!
Read a report which shares the excitement of the team, by Divya Balakrishnan.

            PEACE(Programme for Educational and Cultural Exchange) is a link between the Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School (TWGGS) and our school.  A major step towards the programme was made in February 1995 when Ms. Angela Daly, head teacher of TWGGS and another teacher, Miss Dorothy Swann, visited our school.  As a reciprocal visit, our principal, Smt. N. Vijayalakshmi and teacher, Smt. Sukumari, left for England on 2nd October 1995.   A couple of years after the first visit by the 2 teachers of TWGGS, 19 students and 4 teachers were able to visit our school in 1996.  The next year, in July, 3 teachers and 21 students of our school were given a chance to go to England.  In October 1998, another group of students & teachers from UK arrived at our school.  The student exchange also included students from the Tunbridge Wells Boys Grammar School.

                       The Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School, TWGGS, established in 1905, is one of the best schools in Kent, UK.  It is a huge complex of buildings set in a sprawling campus.  Classes range from lower sixth to upper twelth (11 years- 18 years).  Students can opt for varied combinations of subjects from technology to arts or science to literature.  There are also courses in Food Technology, Design Technology, Personal and Social education etc.  The students move from room to room for different classes.
                       The school has a gymnasium and an indoor auditorium where the school assembly is held twice a week for different classes.  Horse riding, cricket, hockey and basketball are the favourite sports.  Drama are often staged in the school's drama hall with elaborate settings, costumes and other stage props.  TWGGS celebrate 'Speech Day' and 'Staff Enteretainment', among others, annually.

                         The English students, on their visit here were accommodated by some students of our school and their families.  Likewise our team was put up in various English homes.  The schools and the host families arranged sight-seeing tours to various places in thier respective countries.

                         PEACE has helped in new learning of lifestyles, education and people of a different country, principles of discipline and organisation and values of friendship and understanding.  In July 1999 our second team of goodwill is expected to visit Tunbridge Wells.  Thus, this Cultural and Educational link between the Queen of the Arabian Sea and the Country where the Sun Never Sets, goes on and on and on.....

Mary Mathew

Here's a big picture of the members of the PEACE Team which visited the school in November 1998.

Peace 1Peace 2Peace 3

The PEACE 99 Team on Stage!!!
Bridging the gap between the East and the West!!!